Sec. Clinton Speaks on Women’s Rights


Xenophobe & Homophobe Alabama HS Football Coach Doesn’t Like ‘Queers’ or Michelle Obama Lunches

Alabama football coach caught slurring ‘fat butt Michelle Obama’ and ‘queers’ (via Raw Story )

An Alabama high school football coach is being investigated after being caught on tape using  the slurs, “fat butt Michelle Obama” and “queers,” who he said are “an abomination against God.” Lauderdale County, Alabama Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gray confirmed to The TimesDaily. Click the link above for the full story: the audio tape and his “I-misspoke-defense.”

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Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Isabel dos SantosBREAKING NEWS: The 40-year-old businesswoman daughter of Angola’s long-serving president is rich.

This week the Twittersphere has gone mad over an article published by Forbes claiming that their “research” has uncovered the fact that 40-year-old Isabel Dos Santos is Africa’s “First Woman Billionaire.” The story was picked up by AFP (and hence a number of online news sites around the word, like this South African one), the BBC, and of course the British Daily Mail and many more besides. The relish with which the story was tweeted and shared on Facebook came as some surprise to anyone with a vague knowledge of Angola or Portugal, where media has been reporting Isabel’s extensive wealth for over five years. On the latter, check here and here. There has been a fair amount written about the Princess, as she’s not very affectionately known to Angolans, in the English-speaking press too; here and here

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