Paul Krugman Says

So when Mr. Romney made his infamous “47 percent” remarks, he wasn’t, in his own mind, saying anything outrageous or even controversial. He was just repeating a view that has become increasingly dominant inside the right-wing bubble, namely that a large and ever-growing proportion of Americans won’t take responsibility for their own lives and are mooching off the hard-working wealthy. Rising unemployment claims demonstrate laziness, not lack of jobs; rising disability claims represent malingering, not the real health problems of an aging work force.

Paul Krugman, from his NYT blog.


A Reader Muses

It’s really just a club now, isn’t it? Politicians say how much they love small business, but it’s only the largest of businesses, especially in financial services, that got government help through the recession and now they’re the only ones in a position to hire – while for small business there is still a recession. Problem is, these big businesses are only hiring from other big businesses, and, according to this, only those candidates who know someone on the inside of their big business. So, for those of us who were doing fine in small business before ’08, who didn’t get a bailout or benefit from the global consolidation opportunities that have shored up large corporations, where is our recovery? Big companies won’t hire us, small companies can’t afford to hire. Are we being left behind? Is this even America any more or a global corporatocracy?