With All Deliberate Speed

Theosophy has a principle that makes sense of Boehner’s confused trackbacks: “as above, so below.” So below: Ignore the federal legislators, especially the House; look at the states controlled by Republican legislatures. Look at the speed and extreme bills they churn out; at the midnight meetings and manipulation of the legislative process. Count the procedural and rules flaunted and broken. Examine the purpose of each bill. Their erosion of constitutional rights, especially voting, is overturning democracy. Their policies on education are transferring public money to private charters without improvements in students’ learning or test scores. Every example can be traced to expanding power; limiting and restricting individual opportunity, especially for women and children; eliminating services for the ill an the elderly; and rewarding the goals of private corporations to take over private funds by tax breaks, ending regulation, or transfers of public funds.

The Boehner-led House is a giant noise machine that distracts attention from the raw seizures of power in the states. This is not a democracy that works for all.

~Walter, thank you for reminding us how quickly we are losing our rights at the state and local level. This is where the real battle is and the Republicans have a huge financial advantage because groups like Americans for Prosperity are willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates to promote their draconian agenda. It funds the candidates and then their legislative arm, ALEC, takes over, writing the laws that truly are destroying our democracy. 

They are taking over the country from the bottom up. We will be paying for the 2010 election outcomes far into the future. We have to work hard to avoid a similar outcome in 2014.


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