Whose “Scandal?”

One of the real take-downs of Republican ideology is “Scandal,” the weekly tv show of intrigue, shadows, and brief bursts of light that is more intriguing, riveting, and less frightening and hate-filled than the empty promises (5 years!) of Republicans on jobs and growth. Scandal’s darkest character is also one of the smartest; the insider’s outsider who never whines or flinches the way Paul Ryan does when he’s called to task. Scandal is about flaws and heroes exposed; the GOP story, in contrast, covers up hidden agendas.


In those agendas, Benghazi and deficits are isolated and emboldened until they take the air from the room and the present is enlarged without progress. Income for the wealthy soars upward as wages fall. Inflation is a red herring that distracts from the debt ceiling threats. Power is increased by the suffering inflicted by cuts. Mississippi pretends we have health care for all. Jindal skips the death panels and uses dying to increase hospital profits as he claims public savings. The schemes are too twisted to sustain popularity. Boehner and the pundits need a little quiet time.

In contrast, “Scandal” deals in simple, straight-forward dirt. Exactly what we face as a nation and what we elected Barack Obama to fix. The Zen master who knows stillness gathers strength.


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