A Reader’s View

When we suffered the greatest attack on US soil since Pearl Harbor on 9/11 no one was fired and the Bush Admin and the Republicans fought against ANY investigation. When one was finally made, it spent less money and than they spent on the investigation into Bill Clinton’s sex life.

Last year, a consulate was attacked, as ANY consulate could be at any time, and now the party that stripped $300,000,000 from embassy security is bickering about whether the words used in the rose garden were “act of terror” or “terrorist attack.” THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Republicans’ chronic false equivalency continuously drags the American political debate into the gutter of mundane minutia for political purposes. In addition to 9/11, American embassies and consulates were attacked 12 TIMES during the Bush Administration — with no peep from the Republicans about it.

This is the Republican modus operandi — to grandstand every American loss for political purposes, but when crap hits the fan on their watch, they call anyone who criticizes them “un-American.” ~Reductio Ad Absurdum

One American weighs in .  .  .


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