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Not long ago, I published a post by Carol Jago, a former president of the National Council of Teachers of English, about how to teach the Common Core in English.

The discussion that followed her post was disturbing. Several teachers said that in their school or district there was a strong mandate to cut back on the teaching of literature. This is absurd, and nothing in the Common Core says there should be less literature. Indeed, if you look at reading across all subject areas, the amount of time devoted to teaching literature in the English class should be untouched.

But even more disturbing were several comments by a teacher in Arkansas named Jamie Highfill. Jamie is in her 11th year of teaching in the schools of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Her students have achieved outstanding results. According to her profile on the district home page, her students consistently outperform district…

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Reflecting Back to Coal and the Campaign

As someone from the area where Mandel/Romney spoke (spelled Beallsville, (OH) by the way), I can say with certainty that nothing offends intelligent people in the area like someone who tries to “dumb it down” while speaking to a crowd here. I can also tell you that there are a whole lot of miners seeing right through Romney and his claims of a “war on coal”. We have a situation in which people are “strongly advised” to donate to certain Republican candidates and truly fear losing their jobs if they don’t. A lot of the miners in that crowd didn’t want to be there -they were afraid of consequences of not being there. The way Bob Murray gets around not being able to donate more than capped amounts to these candidates is to coerce his employees into donations. Follow the money, and look at all of it coming from Appalachian Ohio. Also, the comments Mandel made about Obama’s money coming from New York and California were obviously a play to the homophobics in the crowd. Yea – there a lot of redneck, homophobic, racist, southern flag-waving blind followers here, but there are also a lot of smart people in that crowd that will do what they must to keep the job they have – and then vote how they want to vote in November. To Mitt – things are not always as they appear.