Giant Photography Of Mount Everest

Giant Photography


Don’t be deceived! You have never seen a photo like this: Mount Everest in four billion pixels; it’s a 360* panorama. Use the direct link above. Pick a distant peak. Zoom in–all the way! Explore by turning the panorama. Now, zoom out!


Opportunity and Responsibility

The GOP had an opportunity to emphasize responsibility as the path to budget reduction. Instead of voting 34 times to repeal Obamacare, they could have passed policy to reward responsibility as the center piece and driving force of their reduction efforts. Instead, they ignored it and choose sacrifice. They abandoned the lip service they give responsibility to reveal again their real, funded goal: resetting efforts to dismantle the model of government consistent with the Declaration of Independence’s American Promise, ripping away benefits tied to health and personal security while increasing the consolidation of wealth and power in fewer hands.
In health care alone, $60 billion a year can be saved by focusing on diabetes (a condition that consumes 1 out of every 8 health care dollars!), reducing–and eliminating!–its impact through greater responsibility for diet and exercise. $60 billion! Grants for hitting personal metrics are far cheaper than care; these grants would immediately reset care as an individual function–and reward those who take consistent responsibility.

Instead, we get vouchers. Cuts. Proposals for changing the age of eligibility. If responsibility works, fund it! Health can be improved by greater responsibility. If the GOP is willing to pay for institutional cost reductions, paying individuals (no vouchers!) can have a greater impact on costs, through rewarding responsibility.

If you are a Republican, to do otherwise is irresponsible!

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