The Heritage of Jim DeMint

Jim DeMint leads the resistance to Obama’s call for health reform. But at home, in SC, how well has DeMint’s politics worked?

He is utterly without a moral compass. DeMint voted against equal pay for women and extending health care to uninsured children.

SC ranks 3rd in infant morality, had 600,000 people uninsured; ranked 15th in the number of smokers, 4th in cases of Chlamydia, 18th in AIDS cases, 8th in obesity and diabetes, 6th in hypertension 47th in life expectancy.

Health care is really DeMint’s Waterloo.

His state has 12 counties (out of 46) with a fifth of their population in poverty for more than 30 years! His response to the crisis is to attack Barack. “It’s not personal,” DeMint said on NBC. “We’ve got to stop his politics.” That’s right, don’t worry about health care. But check the increase in his campaign contributions.

He’s not a part of the solution; he’s a part of the problem. It’s where Jim DeMint has sought recovery and recognition his entire political career.


~ South Carolina is no bastion of top-flight healthcare outcomes — infant mortality, longevity, BMI, etc. And then the other TEA party bastions — like Alabama — are even worse. Amazing how the Senators from our nation’s poorest states are focused almost exclusively on its wealthiest citizens, or excuse me, “job creators” — a creative task they seem to be rather bad at even when they control the presidency and congress (2001-2007). And you’re no doubt correct that DeMint will spend zero time in SC and even then only to shill for Heritage and play golf with stooges on Hilton Head — not, I’d wager, in the western parts of the state agitating on behalf of all the oppressed working poor being victimized by President Obama’s “socialism”.

~ Then why do your neighbors elect him?

~ DeMint follows in the footsteps of people like Joe McCarthy and Jesse Helms. He’s a legislator who has no interest in legislating. Instead, he uses his position to touch the anger points of Right wing voters and aggrandize himself. 

Since he has no legislative accomplishments and no interest in making the compromises necessary to achieve any, there is no reason for him to remain in the Senate. He can do the same thing he’s doing now at Heritage and get paid a lot more for it. It’s a logical move for him.

~ Jim DeMint really did represent South Carolina as far as women are concerned. That State was one of several states that initially rejected the Nineteenth Amendment. The South Carolina legislature later ratified the amendment on July 1, 1969, but did not certify it until August 22, 1973. It was the next to the last state in the Union to ratify the Amendment. The last state to ratify it was Mississippi on March 22, 1984. Don’t expect either of those states to support a women’s right to do anything, and remember as well that as long as children come from women they won’t be receiving any help either. Yes I know that the current South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, is a woman, but she wont appoint anyone saner than DeMint as a replacement.
South Carolina was also the last of the former Confederate states to vote to remove the Confederate flag from over its State House in the year 2000. It still flies by a monument for Confederate Soldiers however and the NCAA refuses to allow games in that state for that reason. Yep, Jim DeMint really did represent South Carolina.

~ Actually what DeMint really seeks is money, lots of it. He now has free lifetime medical care for himself and his family provided by that dreaded federal government plus a one million dollar salary increase plus a for life generous pension also provided by the taxpayers. What more could a red neck conservative whose vision cant extend past the tip of his nose want?

5 thoughts on “The Heritage of Jim DeMint

  1. you said
    “But check the increase in his campaign contributions.”
    I think you meant
    ‘increase the check to his campaign contributions.’ 🙂
    It’s ironic , or maybe moronic , that he is going to the Heritage Foundation.
    Aren’t they the ones who came up with the ‘individual mandate’ rather
    than a sensible single payer system, like all the modern countries have…. just sayin


    • Yes, I believe Heritage did that. It was a “Conservative” idea. Just like Romney created Romneycare in Mass. but he claimed while it was OK for Mass. it would NOT be OK for the other 49 states. I believe that kind of “logic” cost Mitt the Presidency.

      As a “White guy” it pains me to say this, but President Obama had the misfortune of proposing his Healthcare plan “while being Black” (OK, half black. Anyway, he looks more “Black” than “White” and some (OK ALL) Conservatives cannot get over that!).


  2. Jim DeMint is a “show me the money” kind of guy. He cares for no one but himself. He is a joke, like most politicians…..glad he is leaving the Senate and I am sure Heritage Foundation is so “proud” to have him. He is a male Sarah Palin, thinking they are “kingmakers.” Good riddance to whacko conservatives…..


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