The Funniest Radio Clip–Ever!

This is not made up!


19 thoughts on “The Funniest Radio Clip–Ever!

    • Who gave her a license to operate a motor vehicle on the streets and highways of this country. They should be forced to ride with her.


  1. The biggest mistake that the left wing animal nutters made was teaching deer to read traffic signs. If we could go back to the days when deer were unspoiled by education, the world would be a better place.


    • Do you really believe that the educational system could “fix” this? Indeed we face this logic everyday. The more you try to show them the logical fallacy the less they listen.


  2. OH…MY…GAWD!!!! This woman needs to have a lobotomy reversal to shake her brain back to reality. In lieu of that, let’s be kind and spell it out for her:
    Lady, the sign is put there by people who know where deer are located, for the sole purpose of letting PEOPLE know that they (the people) are in an area where deer may wander out onto the road and therefore they (the deer) may CROSS THE ROAD. The sign is a shortened version of, “DEER may be CROSSING, so watch out for them so you don’t hit them.”
    Gee, I hope she can at least read sentences. Doesn’t she have anyone in her family who can point out the error of her ways? The poor thing.


  3. Te he! That is so funny, my favorite part is where she says “they” can direct the deer population anywhere “they” want to……. Oh Donna, could you ask them to get them out of my yard too they are eating my tulips…..


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