The Accusations of Telling the Truth

Who and what exactly is Barack Obama supposed to hate? Ahh, the rub. As Romney plummets he grabs hand-fulls of hate aimed at the President in two ways. By labeling Obama’s campaign as fulled with hate–withour specifics–he is counting on voters to fill in their own examples and ampify them to the extreme. So offshore drilling, ending DADT, the global economic malaise and disagreements and tensions are ratcheted up as examples of how Obama “hates.”

Take away the extreme; the campaign is about Romney’s unanswered questions and his disrespect for America. Yes, his taxes are private, but he’s running for the highest office in the world–shouldn’t he respect the traditions of that pursuit (as he claims he does!)? The holders of the office uphold its highest values of transparency and openness as a part of democracy and global leadership. Ditto, for his 23 accounts offshore: why is his money outside of the borders of the country he wants to lead?

Secondly, Romney’s speeches make hate okay. How? When he labels Obama’s campaign “hate and anger” without proof or support, on words without looking at the ideas and meanings behind them, the policies they reference, his undocumented claims appeal to a climate of hate and blame. Hate is often hidden by blaming others. Imagined theats and acts arouse (and justify) hate. By blaming and interpreting the actions of others as “hate,” these acts allow the accusers unspoken issues of hate to emerge.



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