Heath Care for Those in Decline: One Reader’s Comment

“All of us know an elderly person.”

I wonder how many of us have given any thought to “purchasing” health insurance, with or without a voucher, as your cognitive faculties decline. I think someone needs to do a study of how the elderly are actually coping with purchasing Part D as an example. An 80-something I know who was once a sharp businesswoman could no longer figure out what co-pays were and even had a bit of trouble with what a deductible was when she needed to sign up for the new drug coverage. Working with my MIL for her Part D, I discovered that you actually have to review your choice each year–the premiums can change dramatically from one year to another even when the medications didn’t. But how many people are not capable of doing the work to make necessary changes, even those who in their earlier senior years were able to handle it? How do you make a good choice when one expensive drug is covered by insurance company A on their formulary but not by company B on their formulary while for another expensive drug it’s just the opposite? What do you do when you choose your Part D company on the basis of your health status and the medications you are taking at that time only to have everything change when it’s too late to make a different choice, and you suddenly find yourself requiring expensive meds for which you have no coverage?

Just thinking about this insanity, this lack of care for all of us as Americans, infuriates me.


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