Things I’m Tired Of

My cultural pet peeves; things I’m tired of.

Hearing about how Obama never had a real job. Timing fries? Selling shady mortgages to unqualified inner city clientale, preying upon their dreams? Running an international trading desk and losing $6 billion–and counting? Directing a major US corporate like United Technologies that last month paid a $75 million penalty for selling restricted software and hardware to China, undermining American foreign policy? Driving long distance truck? Creating an oil leak that almost killed the Gulf and coastal industries in 4 states? Somebody please, leave me a list of “real jobs!”

People telling me “free stuff,” “free welfare checks,” “Anglo-Saxon shared heritage,” “learning to be an American,” “socialist,” “anti-colonial,” and “food stamp President,” aren’t about race–but are about free stuff, welfare policy, eurocentric history (sans Africa), ideology–and food stamps. Really.
The confusion between denial and racism. Sure, I believe that you are not a racist. But do you deny racism? I know it’s not a black thing, only bizarre. But how come blacks have so many encounters with the bizarre? (Is it genetic, cultural–but not racial?)

That austerity for government and the middle class and tax cuts for corporations and the rich is the only path for prosperity and growth. Really?

That nobody knows what “drapetomania” is. (Untreatable by Reese’s and freezes.)

That the GOP plans to rule by the desire of woes. (Romney has no woo.)


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