The President’s Success

Not “interesting”–a cliche-driven non-specific phrase as nebulous as Romney comparing the steam driven 1915 Navy to our advanced fleet of ships or his people stonewalling issues by saying “we all know.”

A pass? The President had several important and major successes! The most important: saving the car industry–which creates 1000s of downstream jobs, generates huge multiplers in ancillary industries (what’s your favorite convenience store?)–and is an industry vital to America’s national defense–or should that be outsourced like Romney’s money, spread over 23 accounts in foreign nations.

The President cut payroll taxes (as a part of the stimulus) before the agreement on the Bush tax cuts, putting money into working families. The President cut the yoke of the wars that Bush funded off the books (See the pattern? Offshore, off the books, off their rockers!). He funded massive aid to states for personnel in essential services. He expanded domestic energy production, including oil drilling, higher than ever. He supported wind power, our industry now second in the world only to China (an industry Romney says he will eliminate support for, while retaining subsidies for Big Oil.) He brought the biggest health care fraud case in history. Search for the many lists that detail the President’s achievements, marked by common sense and progress.

A pass? He deserves re-election! Cheers! He made mistakes. All Presidents do. But with experience under his belt, and lessons gleamed from his cynics, he’ll correct those in his second term.

Scapegoat? More, likely a GOP martyr. RIP.

~What further shocks me is the extent to which _all_ of the stonewalling techniques the GOP have used over the past four years have gone missing in the news.
     Now is the time we should all be reminding people of all the blocked appointments Obama never could get past the Congress, and the ways that completely locked up any progress we might have otherwise made during this time.


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