The Implications of Non-Existence

In the meanwhile, back in the global economic system, corruption–by those who are the sole author of the future–is rampant, increasing, impervious to moral authority, inner truth, or criminal prosecution, or civil penalties. See “Zombies of the Light and the Dark:” [].

This is not Erik Erikson’s life cycle with its advancing stages of maturation.

~Dear Walter, You are absolutely correct in “Zombies of the Light and Dark.” How are you master of your fate, when there is so much corruption on top? The world that David Brooks implies in this essay does not exist for most of the world’s people. Access to affordable housing, food and decent education is a problem for those not born into societies that can afford or even value that for their members. When money flows to the top and the middle shrinks we are all the poorer for it. Yes, perhaps we can lift ourselves up by our own bootstraps, but only when we are given the tools to do so.


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