People First

The rest of us would be very happy to see the economy recover! I’m sure we can explain that to you, DeMarco, George Bush, Henry Paulsen, and anyone else who bailed out the banks (and didn’t ask how we felt!) and now are self-indignantly concerned about blocking the real engine of the recovery, job creation, economic growth, careers for youth, and the liberty of expanded prosperity–the working families of America who have been sold a bill of goods by an industry driven by an abysmal lack of principle (illegally robo-signing documents, financing and lending money on applications in violation of every industry standard, approving loans without verifying incomes, seeking out the most gullible, uninformed, and vulnerable among us!) and who are left holding the bag–while others reaped the profits, in bonus, huge salaries, fees, commissions, and vanished, after sending the economy into an implosion and creating the bubble values that are the source of all the bad paper DeMarco wants to “protect.” Please.

Those who come early or late have the same opportunity; a principle of faith–and American democracy–and why would I–or anyone–begrudge others their half-measure? Aren’t we all better off? Except for those who can’t give back, help out, suspend judgement–and who would deny mercy–to the sufferings of the least among us?

~When Republicans have little in the way of evidence, they resort to ambiguity for their stands. As Mr Krugman has stated many times, you can stock your shelves and increase inventory all you like but if demand can’t afford to come thru your doors that tax break represents nothing less than a bribe for a vote — Economics and Political Science 101.


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