Daily Notes

Why the Tea Party wins elections” They organize. They vote. They win.

(NYT commenter) Jumper offers a stunning, well expressed example, extrapolated to illustrate a larger point: now is the time that voter enthusiasm must become a real force, beginnning with each of us. The hurdles are high, but the ballot can rise above the obstacles. I agree with Jumper; let’s make those calls and contacts!

*       *         *      *

The Times rarely looks at the South! Yet its red block, its growing industrial economy, its climate and resources beg for greater understanding of its popular thought, its contradictions, and its use of power.

In VA’s case, I lived in Bath county, the poorest in VA, but home to the Homestead, one of America’s richest resorts. The mountain regions of west VA are a segment separate from VA’s I-95 corridor and its wide sprawl (reaching to NW to Winchester). Again, look at segments within counties and regions, and the South lacks the homogenity of the Midwest. Great wealth and privilege, great poverty and wretchedness are enduring themes, each hidden by the other.

My comment examples are never intended to be comprehensive (or polite!), but to invite every reader be stimulated and test the views–and add their own (for or against) examples to the list. I’m really excited when others build on the insights by adding their own.

~What I read of the Tea Party crowd, is their distorted view of history, their slavish belief in religion, their desire to suppress others voluntary behavior, particularly in the area of sexual behavior, and women’s rights.


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