Africa and Kansas Are Shared American Values

An Mitt Romney adviser was quoted as telling officials in England, that England and the US share an “Anglo-Saxon heritage” that Romney is eager to “restore.” A quote in the London Telegraph (the original source for the story!) reports a Romney adviser as saying, “The White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have.”

This thinly coded statement appeals to a culture-based, race-based imperialism, a doctrine of Western cultural hegemony thoroughly discredited and globally reputed and no doubt shows an appalling ignorance. America shares deep roots with many heritages and cultures.

South Carolina, the wealthiest colony, had an African majority from 1705 forward, reaching 90 % in the coastal parishes and 70 % in Charleston. The Africans created a language (called Gullah), and culture (ways of thinking, natural use of local plants for medicine, cooking (egg plant was called Guinea squash), music, song, story telling, and ethics) that were shared by English and African immigrants, and many whites value these African traditions today (bow tied lawyers still speak and sing Gullah and eat traditional foods like perlo (a rice dish). The wealth of the colony, the source of the American dream, depended on African rice growing and harvesting skills.

If the message was intended for voters in the US, England must feel exploited that Romney, whose grandfather lived in Mexico, would center his approach on questioning the affinity of  President Barack Obama whose grandfather from Kansas fought in WW2 to protect the liberty of England.


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