Slander and Delight

Romney’s political lies: the public should be mindful some buy it, some delight in it, some take their courage from it. Some see the lies and slanders as the source of their strength. Hence, the very gentle way the President chides Romney on his continuous misrepresentations. But many many believe. We must offer them an open heart to take away their fear and hate.


One thought on “Slander and Delight

  1. I recently put together a blog called “A Thousand Lies–Romney’s Presidential Campaign” that lists 156 unique, different, lies that Romney has told during this campaign year. Yesterday I heard a snippet from Romney’s speech at a meeting of the VFW and which he continued to tell some of these same lies documented in the above blog. Hearing him continue this systematic pattern of lying at every turn further confirmed and justified the title “A Thousand Lies”; a thousand is probably an understatement. The entire list of 156 lies can be seen at:


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