Divining Miss B

Michele Bachmann’s warnings against all things she perceives as dangers–intra-geder preference, race, religion, political ideas, cyber vunerablility, medicine, (some are “sin,” some are secular)–yet media treats her as asan annointed part of we-the-people. Her speciality is the threat, the danger, the common sin, the human corruption of politics and spirit cloaked in a quilt of faith that remains examined. Do we know her view of veracity, on how central to “sin” is its combat by truth telling? Do we know how her faith influences what she sees as truth? Has she ever moved beyond a sound bite on any question?

Her message always is a dark critiique, hurled as light. Yet her own views are concealed in shadows. The media mingles these shadows in a double place of “religious” and “right.” Take away “religious” and her views look like the run of the mill views of the severe conservative wing of the Republican party, without regard to religion or creed. She does not see the contradiction of reducing budgets and reducing liberties. She opposes regulation but wants to expand goverment into people’s lives by sanction and social labels. She believes in a pure strain of democracy that is intolerant of differences and sees diversity as decline. This is neatly protected by the media calling it religion (it is not!). Doing so makes her unvetted views protected speech. Let’s take politics out of the pew, end the confusion, and confront the truth, unprotected by labels of faith.

~Nice sentiment but Bachman’s point of view was nurtured in religious institutions. Evangelical ones like Liberty University founded buy another religious hate monger, Jerry Falwell. I take your point though. The founders of our country wisely saw the problems of religion intermingle with government. The separation of Church and State in the Constitution was their effort to keep them separate as we all know except for some with a certain Christian persuasion.

~And there is a commandment in the “Old Testament” that forbids “false testimony”. False testimony can be translated “lies”. And Satan is known as the “Father of Lies”.
Anyone who lies and claims to be either a religious Jew or a religious Christian is mistaken in their self assessment.

~Separation of church and state is not only to protect the religious from the government but to protect the government from the religious.


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