Second Place on the Same Ticket

One of the main problems is the vice presidential choice is the least positioned to take advantage of the windfalls of power and wealth attached to a GOP ascendancy. Walled off from lobbyists and horse trading, left with little more than ceremonial power, none of the usual suspects want to give up their hand out if America votes for the man whose money is in foreign banks (note: that foreign money will be my “dog on the roof!”).

None are as savvy as Palin in inventing ways to cash in (she cashed in on her loss–after resigning her governorship–an amazing instinct and talent for cash by someone who was often a no-show for speeches and appearances). None have the fire-in-the-belly to fall on their sword for Mittens.

If Mitt’s folk see this, I put forward the Rep from 1st district of South Carolina, Tim Scott, an official with grass roots experience who beat the sons of 2 SC governors to win the district, even beating Strom Thurmond’s son! Or Alabama’s Martha Foley. Or Virginia’s Eric Cantor, a proven obstructionist skilled in stoking fears of balance sheets.

My dark horse is Jim DeMint. His opposition to all social equality issues, his utter failure to embrace diversity in any form (except when the views mirror his own!), his demonstrated willingness to assert his Christianity and lie at the same time make him uniquely qualifited to balance Mitt’s waffles. His legislative achievements include many proclamations. He’s a perfect fit for the hand shaking photo ops!

It’s clear! It’s time the GOP repay the South for its solid support! Any disaffected white Southerners led by a party that takes your vote and support for granted, and wants to increase your taxes, cut your health care and lower your retirement benefits while doing little to eliminate poverty and is letting crops rot in Alabama fields because it drove off the skilled, experienced labor force whose hand work kept AL at the top of quality produce–feel free to leave the plantation and vote for a liberty loving Democrat who will protect our nation against bankers, lobbyists, and utlities raising their rates.


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