Reagan’s Second Adage: “Verify”

I promised to write to show, what conservatives, who claim the love of liberty and prosperity, ignore. On fraud, the conservative message is weak.

The threat to freedom and prosperity is not high taxes but fraud undermining the collective safety and security government provides. Republicans argue over budget bills but the stealing of billions robs us of the protections freedom needs.

United Technologies was recently fined $75M for selling technology and software to China that actually undermined US foreign policy (it share price went up!). A British company, BAES, a top 10 defense procurer violated arms laws 2,591 times. 58 tons of arms were discovered shipped to Sri Lanka. GSK was fined $3B for risking public health. The Libor impact may exceed a quadrillion dollars (think: zillions!). JPMorganChase is approaching $6B in losses as regulations were ignored.

Fraud must be stopped. It is hypocritical to condemn “big govt” and condone the theft and pillage of billions that leave us less safe. I remind my conservative friends a regulation or expenditure is not as dangerous to order and prosperity as our failure to police ourselves and take the responsibility we say others have abrogated.

Conservatives should support criminal penalties for citizens and corporations who steal. Before repealing health care, the conservatives in Congress should revolt and go after the theft and bill rigging at the center not of freedom but at the heart of concerted acts of power and greed.


~Today’s conservatives are not conservatives. They are apologists for failed policies and complicit in the aiding and abetting of crimes against the U.S. and its citizens.

~And that is only the list of items still illegal. The list of former crimes now “deregulated” is long and nauseating.

~If the flag-wavin’, bible-thumpin’, gun-totin’, sleepy-headed electorate understood that it isn’t the fed (or any other) gov’t. doing those things to them; we’d be a lot better of than this.

~I am for putting these people in jail not just fining them. What you are demonstrating with your examples is “Big Government” which is always looking for new sources of money working with “Big Business” which looks for ways around Government regulation. The businesses look at the fines as a “cost of doing business”, because while they seem large to you and I, they are small compaired to the profits involved.

The Government collects the “Fine” and “Collects” the “good will” from the voters for appearing to be doing it’s job of regulating the “evil private sector”. In fact no such regulation is taking place. If it were someone would have gone to jail. Please note that in the last 4 years almost no one has gone to jail but there have been fines!

Fines yes, jail no. What is really going on is Big Government selling “Dispensations” to Big Business in an “immoral partnership” that rips off all of the rest of us.

Government is amoral as is any other large group, like a large corporation or a mob. Only when the leaders as well as the followers are moral do ether become a force for good in the world.

~The “conservative” message is NOT that you should trust the bankers and not trust the government. It is that each of us has to be wary. When we ask the government to look out for us we stop looking. When Madoff”s returns were too good to be true investors did not think they were the victim, only that Madoff was ripping someone else off for their benefit. That was pure greed al around.

Conservatives are critically aware that there are rip off artists in government and out of government. As our society becomes more and more complicated it is difficult to fend for yourself, and no one else has the same interest as you. The solution, keep it simpler. Banking should be small and local where the bankers keep the loan on their books, know the borrower and are personally accountable if a loan blows up. It is about accountability were it happens best, at the individual level, not corporate or big government — both will disappoint.

Monster corporations and monster governments are just that, monstrous.


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