Patriotic Bullies

This is a neat 8th grade trick: say something, snatch it back, say I’m sorry, but the cruel ignominy stays, poisoning the air. “I wish this president would learn how to be an American.” I feel stripped of history, bare. Stripped of every hope and achievement, every bright star, every pronouncement of allegiance to the American creed torn from by hands by the horror of unimaginable words. I feel tossed into the seas, my bones picked by the sharks trailing the slave barks, changing the ocean’s ecology; I feel lynched.

Those words did a disservice not only to the president but to the country. Not only to voters but to children who seek a fair chance to opportunity by merit. To immigrants who embrace progress. To all who keep the dream. To everyone who lives in a neighborhood verbally redlined as socially structured to be “foreign.”

A lawyer sent me this twitter post, “When they attack some of us, they attack all of us. We will not go back.”

Note to Richard: please not today, forego the comparisons of insults you might believe equal this (although I would disagree). Please not today, enflame the ways it has come to this. Please don’t pile on. Today must be a day for humanity.

I have written 28 comments and posts [, right side bar] on Romney; the American candidate with foreign bank accounts. I grew up in the old South, integrated a high school, got called names, lived with fear. This month I turned 61. But I never felt or imagined this.



So you’ve given away your age, and it all makes more sense to me now. I’ve very much enjoyed reading many of your comments; rich, over-flowing and vibrant prose, but I never put two and two together to pick up on the fact that you come by that through experience and wisdom gained through age.

Please do keep sharing, and keep up the good work, it is appreciated (as is evidenced by the fact that you usually have a high number of Recommends).

Thanks. – sean

~Bravo, Walter. Don’t ever stop writing. Your voice is needed more than ever in these hate-filled times.

~Thank you, that was beautifully put. It is a dirty trick.

Whoever thought that someone with the ethnic surname of Sununu would pull the un-American card on the President, or on anyone, in our time? It won’t stand and we won’t stand for it. But we, or I, stand by you and with you, and all others implicitly deemed not American enough.

Take a breath and re-group. Your perspective and your commentary are needed to counter some of this drivel.

~I’m so ashamed of the people who made you feel this way – made a lot us feel the same. Hopefully enough of the good Americans recognize what you, I, and many others do, including Ms. Dowd – the vitriolic hate that underlies all the “code” words being thrown around by the “right” towards Obama and all of us who are not like them. We must make sure to get out the vote, or these “haters” will be ruling us.

~Your comments are like a cool, refreshing breeze on a hot summer’s day– quite the opposite of what I feel living in a city that is encircled by red hot coals that extend heat well beyond this state’s borders.

If I had a hammock, I could at least dream of your fresh air– add a plate of shrimp and grits and I’m gone.

~I think this is the most eloquent and heartfelt of your many fine posts. Thank you.

~Walter you are correct in every sense, the underhanded tactics by the GOP has turned quite ugly and vicious. This is not the GOP that I remember it has been hijacked by the far right and they don’t seem to want to give it up and here we are.

Disgusting is the only word I can use to describe them.


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