In Hawaii, A Child Was Born

Critics claim Barack is only promoting himself. As well he should! It’s his name on the ballot in 50 states! Elections are not policy reviews, CSPAN panels from the auditoriums of think tanks, or ill-informed discussions of bringing “Obama-to-Jesus.” The proposed Chicago-financed attack ads (with a well spoken Negro!) were not aimed at trade missions, privacy violations, excessive deportations, preventing young women from receiving an important vaccination, the use of drones as international killing machines or the other policy issues which challenge Obama’s base–but you and others never revisit, Why? Because those who challenge Obama will never admit they support these actions. So without applause and the common sense of the middle, the comparisons move further away from the sublime to the ridiculous: felon and birther are not logically similar in attributes or cause or act–in fact the felon and the birthers are on the same side! They both go to the extreme, defy reason, override common sense to engage in make-believe.

Mitt’s fanasty of “I-signed-those-filings-for-companies-I-owed-but-did-not-manage” (so who’s in charge, who? who?), shows the need for strained belief in exactly the same way as “around the world on Pan Am bypassing Kansas to get to Kenya for a child to be born.”

Add in hanging out with the abuser of bankruptcies, the failure to make thoughtful reflectiions on race–or connect to black Republicans–and the differences in character reveal strength in one, greed and evasiveness and whining in the other.


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