A Mormon Speaks Out

Thank you for an honest assessment and insider’s insights that offer notes of caution without blame or attack. The balance and examples you offer help support the case you make. [/wr]

From the NYTimes comments:
As the direct descendant of two prominent Mormon lineages (Smith and Draper), I feel compelled to set the record straight and say that support for Mr. Romney is not universal amongst this group, nor is the benign view of Mormon interaction with Native Americans (think Mountain Meadows massacre), Mormon interaction with the Federal government, or Mormons brutal treatment of any one within their midst who dares to question their beliefs (Sons of Perdition and “banishment to outer darkness” that begins with a community wide shunning here on earth).
     It is just as important to look closely at what Mitt (and the Mormons) are not saying; temple rituals, financial dealings, secret hand shakes and phrases, dividing the world into “members” and all others as “non-members.”
     Recently it was announced in Mormon sacrament meetings that “The Church” wanted members to attend the Republican caucuses. Meetings across Utah were instantly filled with first time attendees who knew that they were there to prevent the Tea Party candidate from displacing Senator Hatch, in the the same was that the Tea Party had displaced Sen. Bob Bennett four years ago.
     I’m all for political involvement but this was not a sudden upwelling of civic duty, this was deference to marching orders from church leaders. A very wealthy non-profit church with vast commercial and real estate holdings.
     Think hard about what Mitt Romney is trying very hard not to tell you about his beliefs and his financial dealings.


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