Private Right, Public Ridicule

What Condi (Rice) calls “the narrative” conveniently omits that the Declaration of Independence is a long list of grievences, and grievences drive the Party she declares has no narrative of grievences. To her, Obama’s call for a fair share and a fair shot is “I’m doing poorly because you are doing well,” a message Fox calls “tone deaf.”

What Bain submits 3 years after Mitt leaves, according to parties with a high stake in the outcome, is referred to by a Virginia state rep as “boilerplate,” cited as another example of Obama’s not knowing how business operates.

Is the constitution a Delaware charter, mere papers of incorporation; Congress a board of directors; voters shareholders, defense a core competency, the truth collateral damage, a function of ignorance? Obviously, the Republicans know less and less about government, its role and purpose (Rick Perry), its original promise (Bachman, Palin, et al.) which embeds veracity (Romney, Boehner, et al.) into its practice–a principle long abandoned by a growing list of those in the “vipers nest.” (Bible, civil war; Cheney, Condi.) Legal cheating, says a Lindsey Graham theory, is now American.

What’s left is a fear of voters (tell me how you turn $6K into $100M and you got my vote!), an offer of cumbs; an indication of expanded govt secrecy that will reduce transparency, an atmosphere greenlighting fraud, an era repressing dissent, and a candidate who seeks to represent us and our values by sending his own funds offshore.

So support and vote for a person whose personal committment to the values of the country, the values he promises to restore and uphold, include moving his personal money out of the country he wants to lead?

What world leaders–Cameron, Merkel, Rouseff, Jiabao, Singh, Putin–will respect a national leader whose committment and evidence of leadership is to send his money offshore, parked in another country?

Blind dislike for Obama justifies any violation of values. Frenzy is put before country. But the world will see the great America as a laughing stock if its own president doesn’t think enough of its society, laws and opportunities to pledge his personal, unwavering committment to his own homeland–where he made the millions he ships away! The disconnect–and disrespect– is obvious–to anyone expect those so blind they forsake loyalty and patriotism for an agenda of defeat.

Finally, anyone committed to following politics around the globe knows Cameron ($13 billion), Merkel and all the world’s leaders give direct and indirect foreign aid, public and private. What you claim as an egregious example is less than 1% of what JPMC lost on a bad trading day, or what HSBC laundered for drug lords.

The pitiful, pathetic repetition of tripe claims and huge complaints, exaggerated, often unsupported, never analyzed, but constantly harangued, reveals a need for greed that involves not wealth but hate beyond common disputes.


One thought on “Private Right, Public Ridicule

  1. These two statements are why I love your writing. You see and feel things that seem foreign to me, yet shake me to my core:

    mere papers of incorporation
    hate beyond common disputes

    those two sum up what I feel but can’t express, and you do it SO frequently.

    Thank You,

    Rich Reinhofer
    San Diego Ca.


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