Offshore Duties

 Mitten’s is having a classic “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” moment, but Mitt can’t find his name tag. He wanders the block, helps the neighbor kids, telling them to go to the next block if they want free stuff, and blames the host for poor directions and later tells everyone he was really busy elsewhere, signing papers to move his personal money offshore. No jobs! Only his personal capital, rather in some cases, his wife’s capital, or his investment in his son’s firm, his trustee accounts.

Who thinks it’s embarrassing to have a candidate who wants to represent the best of our society to the world, to tout its opportunities and declare America number one–to move his money offshore? Is being number one at moving private, personal funds offshore okay? Doesn’t it conflict with the character, conviction and vision that goes with the job?

And who thinks by now that every foreign intellligence agency doesn’t have the details of those accounts? Yes or no? Are we comfortable with that?

But I speculate. All I really want, like “Mouse” at the NAACP convention, is a fair shot at a fair share. To be honest, I’m mad at Mitt because he knows how to turn $6K annually into a $100M and he won’t tell us! He keeps it to himself. And offers the rest of us crumbs.Richard, heck yes! I’ld even get one of those fancy health care policies and pay the premium tax! But I draw attention to the issue in humor to point at the distinction between fact and rhetoric, act and speech, ledger receipts and lofty values, openess and secrecy, leadership and laughing stock.

Readers know I try to tamp down vicious acrimony thru humor and insight (and a little honesty!) to hold the common ground we share. But like acoholics on check day, don’t disappear with yours, and when it runs out, come after mine! No way!

Sometimes I forsake the humor. I did in this response on Charles Blow’s column:
walterrhett’s comment, “Private Right, Public Ridicule,” […]

But I tried hard to use sensible words! 

It’s not about Mitt’s money or wealth, it’s about greed and the values of greed. It’s a cultural question. Chuck Barris once asked, would you kick the cruthches out from under a handicapped person? No, but I’ll strap the dog on the roof of the car.

I voted for Strom Thurmond! He got me a job and didn’t cut anybody’s benefits. Racist, you say? He talked racist, but every vote, he lost (he knew he would!), and every request he delivered (black SC mayors told me personally how he got grants for water, sewer, paved roads, safety). He cut off Jesse Helms’ filibuster on the King Holiday bill, and he and Bob Dole convinced Reagan to sign it. Sure he was flawed. But he put people ahead of ideology. He taught me to follow closely and weigh political decisions. And when I look closely,  Mitt Romney is no Strom Thurmond.

~Exactly — this is one thing Independent voters do understand — how IRA’s work, and what happens if you put in as much as you can your whole life and play by the rules.
It’s too late for me, I only have a few yearsof work left to put into my IRA — but perhaps I can start telling my kids about Mitt’s Money Magic.
If it is more than merely legal, but also more “American” too, as the Republicans say, then why won’t he tell us how he did it?

~You don’ t want to know. Best to be a good honest citizen and work with the $6k, and make the nation a little better; rather than work to trash it.
    That’s what this aggressive investment partnerships do — trash the nation.


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