The New Patriotism; Lindsey Graham: Men, Women Die So Others Can Tax Cheat Legally

A military judge advocate, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said “it’s American to not pay taxes.” He knows it was equally American to desert in conflict or to aid the enemy. From the country’s founding, men on American soil were loyal to Britain, betrayed their neighbors and cheered their deaths, without a care. In the Civil War, money brought conscripts who took the place of the rich in the fighting ranks. You could respond by answering an ad in the paper. In the same war, 300,000 (the total for both armies) left the ranks and the field, clearly a widespread behavior, by all standards, an American act of changing priorities.

So I guess Senator Graham feels its time for a sell-out President, who represents this country’s unique traditions and its society by sending money overseas like a tinhorn dictator. Bush send money shrink wrapped. Romney sends it by electronic transfer or courier pouch. According to Graham our soldiers should die so some can cheat–legally. It’s an American tradition, he says.

The heads of state will laugh (like the old gods of Zoroaster!) when they meet an American President, the leader of the free world, who, like those in our domestic war, cut bait and ran, when he could not find the courage or conviction to keep his money at home. This is the promise he makes with America, to allow his selfishness to curb and compromise the country and make our pride and principles a laughingstock of privilege and greed.


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