A Radical Conservative Perspective: Fraud Before Budgets

I promised to write ocassional comments in a radical conservative personna (RCP) to show, what conservatives, who claim the love of liberty and prosperity, ignore. Karen’s right, the addressed audience is not the one in the seats. The conservative message is equally misplaced.

The threat to freedom and prosperity is not government taxes but fraud underlining the collective safety and security government provides. Republicans argue over budget bills but the society is in moral decline, seen in the stealing of billions that robs us the protections freedom needs.

United Technologies was recently fined $75M for selling technology and software to China that actually undermined US foreign policy. A British company, BAES, a top 10 defense procurer violated arms laws 2,591 times. 58 tons of arms were discovered shipped to Sri Lanka. GSK was fined $3B. As a radical conservative, this fraud must be stopped. It is hypocritical for us to condemn “big govt” and condone the theft and pillage of billions that leave us less safe. I remind my conservative friends a regulation or expenditure is not as dangerous to order and prosperity as our failure to police ourselves and take the responsibility we say others have abrogated.

Conservatives should support criminal penalties for citizens and corporations who steal. Before repealing health care, the conservatives in Congress should revolt and go after the theft and bill rigging at the center not of freedom but concerted acts of power and greed.


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