The Red Herrings of False Comparisons

To those who raise the issue of transcripts, et al: laundry slips are not bank books; grades (incidentally, Harvard does not disclose MBA grades and companies can be banned from recruiting if they pursue records of grades!) are certified by a diploma. Who/what authority certifies the Romney accounts?

Grades are false equivalency to the major issue of being an elected leader with offshore accounts. Only if a leader graduated from a offshore college diploma mill would the principle of equivalency apply–and the huge differences in ethics, national and international impact, credibility remain when comparing transcripts to bank accounts. It’s one thing to cheer for the home team, no matter your grades, it’s entirely another to bet on the opponents with a bookie who conceals the transactions when you say you want to be president of the class. That’s a failure of values, a default more abject than the ones Romney accuses Obama of.


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