Romney: Public Virtue for Sale

Is Mitt Romney America’s fair weather fan? In off years, do you hedge your bet on your home team? Do you wear rival colors? Bet against the horse you entered in the race? Even Pete Rose swore he never bet against the Reds. But Romney spreads bets against the home team. He put on rival colors. His loyalty was thinner than a torn ticket stub. He betrayed a value that cannot exist offshore. He ran down the flag.

Would China’s Jen Jiabao put a large portion of his personal fortune in an American fund? Merkel, Cameron, the new leaders of France, Italy, or Greece? Would these leaders guiding countries in dire trouble place their own personal funds in out of country accounts–and win the trust and support of their citizens as national elected leaders?

Once, America’s leaders had to be enthusiastic, loyal, cheerleaders. Their faith and commitment didn’t waver. They were homers, not sell outs. But Romney, who slams the President at every turn for abandoning American values, sold his loyalty and public virtue for a few dollars more. Sure, it’s “legal,” but do those we elect as our best turn their backs and snub us for profit?

Think of Romney walking into a meeting of the G-8, or G-20. Each leader is silently chortling about how he doesn’t even have his money in the country whose strength and values he touts. He looks like a undeveloped world slease ball, a man without integrity or love for anything but wealth. Tell me who in that room of international leaders will give him respect?

~”… sold his loyalty and public virtue for a few dollars more.” So well said!

~He will become America’s Berlusconi (former Italian prime minister). He was also a billionaire populist who embraced grandiose sounding slogans while pandering to a small wealthy elite and sending Italy on the path to stagnation and financial insolvency.
Berlusconi was widely derided and not respected at all as a statesman in international circles.


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