From Shore to Shore: Reader’s Comments About Offshore Romney

~Mr. Romney is using complex offshoring tax schemes to evade his federal tax responsibilities. Whether or not those schemes are technically legal, they are immoral and reprehensible, and certainly unfitting for someone running for president of the United States.

~Gee, you mean to tell me that Mr. Job Creator is parking his money in Geneva and not investing in the good ole U.S.? What a shock!

~One of the most valuable pieces of advice I was given about investing came from an older, successful CEO who knew my father. His comment applies to this Romney situation. “Before looking at the numbers, find out as much as you can about the person who leads the organization. Then study the numbers with that in mind.”
    Romney may be depending on unthinking, inflamed emotions to garner the GOP votes but that won’t be the case for the independents.
    Already, by waving off calls to explain how he’ll create the flood of jobs because he’s a businessman, he’s created doubt about himself. That doubt increases when he waves off repeated requests for details.
    Now he waves off his dubious, and apparently relentless, tax avoidance schemes. If he has nothing to hide, all he need tell us is that yes, he’s immensely wealthy and explain his plans to roll back the growing global recession caused by conservative tax increases on workers and middle class, (but not the wealthy), and cutbacks in government spending.
    The public also needs to know how he went from well-paid executive to quarter billionaire in a period of only several years. Romney was no businessman but an investment manager responsible for laying off thousands of workers, making unemployed thousands of families all to enrich himself and his investors, and indifferent to the harm he caused.
    His tax returns aren’t decorations. They’re important insights into what sort of person seeks to orchestrate our futures for four years.

~I too say “Show us your papers.” There is a higher standard for President than “I didn’t break the law.”


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