The Fear of Success

My daugther, a Tuck grad, and I were laughing at the cultural implications of the Romney’s camp miscalculations. If you can turn a $6K annual contribution into $100M, everybody wants to know how that’s done! Show us! We want to know! Do you actually think that will make us less inclined to vote for you?

Obviously, they think yes. The very “success” they tout as bonafided, will turn to ashes if we see the marvel achieved. They think we can’t handle the truth. Whether or not the offshore, outsourced trusts are suspicious, they suspect us! Why fear the people you want to lead?

This cultural calculus is important. This is a Presential candidate so uncertain he projects a fear of his success–his only claim to lead the country. So look at the jobs he created. Ignore jobs lost and destroyed through extracted, outsized bankruptcy fees–ignore the amazing returns offshored, outsourced in European and Caribbean accounts.

Ignore 28 months of job creation, the European collapse, Britain’s double dip, and the entire political and moral universe outside of jobs–voter purges, women’s rights, micro-targeted budgets, the House’s obstinance, the brinksmanship with the US debt, the demand for even lower taxes on billionaries–ignore the lies about health care, foreign policy, income equality (the safety net isn’t a hammock Karen Garcia points out!)–ignore it all! I’ve seen angst over Gitmo–from the right!

We have a saying in the South:” I may be stupid, but I ain’t no fool.”


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