Preparing the Well

If we are picking favorites, give me Michelle’s white-hot hugs. Give me the man who cut Donald Trump to shreds in a causal aside, pointing out his irrelevancy to the 3am phone call. Obama is a dozens player. The best find the truth you hide and then reveal it to take you down, without hype, explanation or lies. They make it look easy, the impeccable brilliance of the high art of the down and dirty.

Arkansas Willie isn’t in the same league. He doesn’t have the same style.

Obama’s style is not the bloodsport that many clamor for. It’s the Art of War: if you have to fight, you have already lost.

The I Ching describes times in a society when it is not wise to advance (“nothing would further”). Having reached a stand still, rather then spending energy consumed in conflict without progress, the wise person strengthens the center. “Prepares the well” for the future; in Barack’s case, extending the social contract to marginalized groups: immigrant children, intra-gender marriage and military service, uninsured Americans. When times reset and far reaching advance is called for during “the taming power of the great,” the active agenda of Romney to set back progress (the lost of health care and safety net provisions, infra-structure investment, women’s rights, outmoded defense postures, dismantled public education) will be eradicated at its root, and then perseverance furthers.

Guts count, baby. But Obama’s grace is seminal style, the way forward.


~You may be right that Obama really has accomplished a lot in three years, against a constant headwind of obstruction and obfuscation. I just wish he would respond to some of the more egregious attacks.

      • ~Yes: waltherrhett: It is I think “The Age of the Obamas” and they the Obamas do have the grace which is commendable and exemplary:
        ; and it is courage and grace; my alma mater motto :fortiter in re:leniter in modo… great example for us all in these difficult times.

        We are almost lethargically polarized;But Obama has remained enthusiastic ; and there is change we can believe in;
        we are now ,I believe, a USA with a renaissance and coming of age; slowly.: one key to success is education; bringing the facts to light.:and just coming to terms with
        what must; not should but must be done.

        We just cannot give up and retreat;;but must keep saying; yes we can; because we are still a great country; and right now we must like the tortoise stay the course; slow and steady wins the race. We cannot let the neo conservatives ruin the economy any more.. and we’ll get the neo cons out of Congress.:put Glass – Steagall back in place;
        the Volcker Rule; just keep at it. drink your V8 and eat your spinach; keep on going.

        Keep writing walterrhett; you do a great job.!!

        ~Clean, non-bombastic Obama responses to attacks (short videos):

        ~A Real Life Story of the Benefits of PPACA: []
        ~A Jobs Gallows: []
        ~Facts First, Then Vote: []
        ~Face Off: []

        Full explanation of the I Ching model of “Opposition” (blog post): The Obama Strategy: []

        Carol, others; great thanks. Readers want evidence and truth and a little bit of sun. The rest I kept for myself!

      • ~Really good comment, Walter.
        No question, Mr. Obama and Michelle have it all over the Billster (in particular) and the Hillster on sheer substance. But there’s something to be said for having slogged out an apprenticeship running Arkansas for years, in that it taught the Clintons to choose their targets, get the people behind them and attend to SELLING ideas, instead of merely assuming that the folks bought into them.

        Both are highly intelligent men. But when historians look at both their presidencies, it will be Bill Clinton who will serve as the exception to the rule that America hasn’t been generally well-served by highly intelligent presidents; not Barack Obama.
        And that’s a shame, because we SHOULD value substance over flash; but then, we also should value accomplishment over unrealized potential.

      • ~Very nice, walterrhett – keep writing.
        Hill is smart enough to know she’s got a great resume now; why tempt fate with another run for office ? Also, the Clintons are a little too close to the I-banking and P.E. industries to have a good perspective on what needs to be fixed and what the next battles are.
        They will be more effective in the back-ground changing things in board-rooms, which is where Hill will likely put her corporate lawyering back to work.

      • ~Brilliant, Walter. Maybe the heat’s getting to Frank a bit, but I don’t see the point in romanticizing the the Clinton years. Actually, as I think back on them now, all I can recall is the exhaustion I felt having been dragged through them and the sense of relief when they were over..

      • ~Walter, You are correct. The Clinton fascination is the same as with a train wreck~Great writing and reportage, Walter: keep at it; see how valuable staying the course is.Tact and Tactics: ethical and brilliant: Obama: this is what we MUST have in
        The White House.


 ~Thank you for the links.  These brief informational and inspirational videos are very well done, very effective, I thought, and just what commenters all over the NYT have asked for over the last week.
They’re delivering crucial information in a memorable way. After watching Obama speak about ACA, I wiped my eyes and took my hat off to the creators of these videos. They made me feel proud of our country.


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