The Looking Glass Syndrome

Alice’s mirror in full effect! Let’s see. Count the Republican compromises: zero. Count the number of times the Republicans offered compromises: zero. Count the Republican jobs bills: zero. Count the Republican health care proposals: one, the one passed that they disavowed. Count the Republican willingness to provide comparative care for women’s health: zero.

Instead, in the states, we have bills about the widths of halls, the numbers of drinking fountains, and the mandated, legislated requirement that forces women to ungo, without consent, “medical” probes interior to their bodies only before certain procedures the states spelled out in the capitol chambers, without the review of the physician, patient, or standards of practice.

Obama is an ideologue: who offered to cut the safety net in order to return to the Clinton tax rate for those at the top of the largest desparity of income and wealth ever in the nation’s history of freedom. Obama is an ideologue: who “led from behind” in granting rights to service personnel already in place in macro democracies. Let’s not forgot saving the US auto industry, where we are number one again. Are the largest cases against the $23 billion + in health care fraud that happen every year. Of course he doesn’t feel free speech allows radio hosts to smear young women with hurtful names. And what about those guns you can tote into National Parks? Those ended wars? The broken Gitmo promise, surely there is angst about that!


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