I Question the Logic

To the over populationists: for over a century, low population density (and wages!) had no positive effect on the economy of the South (now the world’s fifth largest economy if separated!), while dense urban landscapes prospered. Densely populated India prospers (with inequality), while sparsely populated Africa, Asia, and South America mostly lag in growth. Singapore and Hong Kong, extremely dense, concentrate wealth and disparity.

Ongoing Note: There is nothing “competent” objectively or subjectively, about Romney, for a long list of very obvious reasons, evidenced by his lack of integrity and courage by running a campaign of lies that offers minimal details of his solutions or policies; the ones we know unabashedly favor the rich, How can he be trusted if “unfortunately” he has to campaign as an “ideologue” and “act accordingly.” Is this an example of his “deeply analyzing” a situation–running on something he doesn’t believe–and who is his “constituency?” Can this approach be “competent”?



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