The Obama Strategy

For those missing the point of Obama’s governing strategy and who claim “not a dime of difference” between the parties or their candiates, here is the set of principles that describe how Obama governs as America’s President. Share a comment, let me know what you think.

(From the I Ching)
In small matters, good fortune.

Opposing elements never mingle and when in contact retain their own natures. So a man is never led into baseness or vulgarity through intercourse or community of interests with persons of another sort. Regardless of all commingling, he will always preserve his individuality. Even in times when oppositions prevail, mistakes can be avoided, so that remorse disappears.

July 4, 1936; Hilton Head, SC. (Marion W. Post, FSA)

When opposition begins to manifest itself, a man must not try to bring about unity by force, for by so doing he would only achieve the contrary, just as a horse goes farther and farther away if one runs after it. If it is one’s own horse, one can safely let it go; it will come back of its own accord. So too when someone who belongs with us is momentarily estranged because of a misunderstanding; he will return of his own accord if we leave matters to him.

On the other hand, it is well to be cautious when evil men who do not belong with us force themselves upon us, again as the result of a misunderstanding.

Here the important thing is to avoid mistakes. We must not try to shake off these evil men by force; this would give rise to real hostility. We must simply endure them. They will eventually withdraw of their own accord.


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