The Politics of the I Ching: Nothing Would Further

The I Ching describes times in a society when it is not wise to advance (“nothing would further”). Having reached a stand still, rather then spending energy consumed in conflict without progress, there are a number of things a wise person can do. “Prepare the well” for the future; in Barack’s case, extending the security and liberty of the social contract to marginalized groups: immigrant childen, intra-gender marriage and military service, uninsured Americans. In do so, he builds a base of stakeholders who can further progress when times reset and far reaching advance is called for during “the taming power of the great,” a time when the active agenda of Romney to set back progress (the lost of health care and safety net provisions, infra-structure investment, women’s rights, outmoded defense postures, dismantled public education) can be eradicated at its root, and then perseverance furthers.

~I met with Bain Captial while raising funds for my high-tech start-up company in Boston MA. Going in, I was warned that they do not like to build businesses, but to raid current enteprises “for parts.” When we met, that strategy was 100% validated, as I was told my company was too young to be of interest, but if my technology proved itself out down the road, they might buy out that part. This was no secret in the meeting, at all. Keep in mind, venture capital is a shadow banking industry where billions of dollars are invested without any regulation. Unlike banks, VC firms do not have to invest fairly based on race or gender. Less than 3% of venture capital goes to women or minority-owned companies… and this is with the standard that a company has to be at least 10% owned by one woman or minority to “count.” I met with 30+ VC firms during my tenure are CEO, and the most common questions were 1) if I went to an Ivy League school and 2) where I golfed (I didn’t and I don’t.) It’s hard for me to imagine how someone with this background would do anything but shuffle more money at cronies while the middle and working classes continue to disappear.

~I have a dog in this fight, KAH, and I am not an American. I want a safer world, a more cooperative and less war-torn world than Romney’s ascension to the presidency would bring about. Which is what will happen if Democrats like you see themselves as exiles, give away their powers and responsibilities, and indulge in dreaming about an impossible “replacement” candidate.
As a US citizen, your effete abdication of responsibility because President Obama doesn’t match up to your heroic liberal self-image shows how shallow your convictions really are. Get some backbone, KAH. Recognize the truth in the old saying, “The perfect is the enemy of the good”. Do your duty as a voting citizen of the USA, on behalf of our whole world. And while you are at it, try to bring some of your friends back to reality.


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