Science and Morality

It’s nice to have supported opinions but those don’t quite rise to the evidence of body of research that has well established cause and effects, identified relationships between a variety of behaviour, and sustained truth over history, in a variety of conditions and notable exceptions. That’s economics.

The non-economic objection, the consistency of Paul’s positions is used to suggest blind allegiance, dead ends, one sidedness, insufficiency. The logical alternative is truth, presented consistently, like a doctor who has 100s of flu patients and makes the same diagnosis. Right is not diminished when repeated.

The abuse of people and environment through greed and selfishness (an a desire for wealth and power) also calls–cries!–for a way out of an economic crisis not connected to an immediate shift in world view. And that’s the purpose of economics, to offer a solution free of social values, one modeled on underlying relationships within all forms of social organization and thinking. Economics should work in Brasil, Estonia, China, Ghana, Norway, and Canada, whatever the folly of governments, individuals, or the level of development or the demand for services. The fact that there are universal principles, identified relationships, and conclusions for practices in economics is no reason to surrender the moral front. We do need a change of heart. But the moral and social issues we face are no reason to turn from the solutions economics can offer even as we change.


One thought on “Science and Morality

  1. Economics-The science that deals with the production,distribution, and the consumption of goods and services, or the material welfare of humankind. The world leaders are those powers and principalities that Jesus, Paul, and John tried to warn us about. They have an ultimate Agenda, that is already written. It is also written, not to fret or worry. However, in order to truly follow those commands, one must have knowledge, one must plan, and one must prepare for what is to come because “Faith without Works is Dead!” Can I get an Amen Church/Earth!


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