Repeal the Lies

It’s not Ronmey’s experience at Bain but his values and untruthfulness that make him unfit. To repeat a daily litany of distortions, make-believe, invented acts, wrong facts, and willful lies calls attention to a utter absence of inner strength in his own qualifications. If you have to win by lying than you feel you have nothing better. Lies are tied to trust; a person who abandons the truth will be without compassion for the important values, programs, and policies that are the core of American strength. Repeal ACA? Without saying how Medicare will function, or whether pre-existing conditions, children–and 30 million–will be covered, is running a campaign by steatlh and subtefuge.

The only reason for not being straight and truthful with voters is a secret committment to serve a special interest agenda so radical that it cannot stand daylight. Lies are told in fear. Their intent is to be self serving. To lie daily means living in fear and throwing integrity aside. I don’t see much courage in a man who wants to be President but parks his money in the Cayman Islands. In a man who hesitated to protect a young woman whose reputation was shredded and denigrated for “entertainment” three days in a row, whose foreign policy experience is organizing an Olympics, who calls discussions of real inequity of income “class warfare.”

A man who lies and says “I’ll never apologize,” doesn’t get my vote. I’ve worked for such managers in the workplace. I don’t want one in the White House. (NYTPick)


~~Nice! I think “the Rominy” doesn’t realize that YouTube exists. His lack of a core is startling when you juxtapose his comments when running for senate or governor of Massachusetts vs this year. This man can turn on a dime politically like he was the political equivalent of an Indy racecar.

~~Walter; you really nailed this one.

~~a man who has mansions without necessity and who doesn’t care about the poor is without a soul.


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