ACA Taxes and Requirements

A look at the requirements and costs of buy health care coverage under ACA, using a flow chart model.


2 thoughts on “ACA Taxes and Requirements

  1. Walt,

    The NYT had an Opinion Piece yesterday about “the Great National ID Debate”. The whole thing is a “Red Hearing” because the implimentation of the A.C.A. Will require that the Healthcare providers know who they are treating. Non-ER visits run on Patiant Histories and their payments run on knowing who was treated. Everyone that signs up for healthcare will be identified and will be required to show ID for any non-ER care past that any National Single Payer system will also require it for the same reason. This will go a long way towards ending “Doctor Shopping” for multiple pill prescriptions. In fact you should be able to register to vote in Federal Elections at the same time as you sign up for healthcare.

    The problem is the people the A.C.A. Was designed to help are likely “short” on ID. The unintended consequence of the A.C.A. Will be National Biometric ID.


  2. Your June 30 post on the Affordable Care Act and “tax” requirements is very informative. Such factual information is our best weapon against the falsehoods and distortions that Republicans are hoping will give them control of all three branches of our government. Great to make your acquaintance via your blog – will be visiting it again. Keep up the good work. JGibson, Vermont


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