Notice to Jeer

Not a single GOP debate this year had an issue attached to a human face. And when they appeared, they were booed. The gay military officer, the immigrant college student, union workers, teachers were among those met with jeers and advice as civil as Marie Antoinette’s. Raise your hand to speak and you were accused of class warfare over food stamps. But nothing aroused ire like the idea “I have to pay for health care for myself.” The gimme’s of liberty were buy or die. The mob hollered “die.” Preserving life became a socialist cause.

Then the court ruled, or rather the Chief Justice weighed in to preserve a market of 30 million new consumers for the same corporations whose speech is instructive by its silence.

The President, ever the empiricist, along with former Speaker Pelosi, managed to wrangle needed benefits for families and the medically challenged; the Supreme Court cut the poor. But it’s hard to declare a new, captured market of 30 million people unconstitutional. So it’s legal to charge us, for the government to mandate the fee which is transferred to private plans. That central, ringing, immutable Republican principle–use government for large, private transfers on a national scale–so happens to lie in the middle of today’s good news.

Not bi-partisan, drowned out in the noise (another GOP favorite, misdirection!), two goals were met in one decision and corporations will be obliged to give the people more than expected but not as much as many wanted.

Still, Paul Krugman’s right. It was a good win.


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