Out of the Mouth’s of Boys

The profanity is so extreme and scatological that it is difficult to believe that young students are speaking to an elderly adult.

The letters of apology came too quickly and were preemptive. Given the long ten minutes of profanity, I can not believe the conversion expressed in the letters.

What caught my eye was the one parent who played the victim, expressing fear and a sense of unfairness that people were now coming after his family. He made no mention that his kid insulted, cursed, denigrated an elder and a school employee, He expressed no sorrow or outrage, acknowledged no failures or disappointment. He was too busy being an eighth grade, pointing the finger of blame at others while apparently tone deaf to the break down that continues in his home.

This parent set a fine example for his kid. Parents like this one don’t back a teacher up when their kid gets a bad grade or is disciplined in any way. His kid must be a joy to have in the classroom …

No that was also wrong, people should not threaten children, that is totally wrong. Do not substitute one bad behavior for another.

The buck hasn’t stopped “here” in decades.

You’re right. Apologies are meaningless these days. They’re offered up to placate, and not expressive of genuine regret and sorrow. When you question people’s regret (kids included), they will recoil in surprise and shock that their apology isn’t taken immediately at face value. I am sorry. Have a nice day. Doesn’t often ring true. That’s very sad.


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