Old Times

Who remembers last week it was fire teachers, as Mitt Romney’s way to improve education. Cut teachers. It’s a notion so absurd that the Ivy-wise Mitt denies he said it, intended to say it, thought it, and finally condemns his own idea. But he’s moved on. This week it’s immigration, “long term.” Mitt really doesn’t have any positives. He’s hoping the President will collapse in a bramble of negatives that he never fails to imaginatively construct. But make no mistake, as he did at Bain, his speech never matches his balance sheet. He is betting on the real elephant–race–to stomp down the door and let him in.

“But it’s not about . . .” Okay, then what is it about? Government spending? Trending down as a GDP %, Interest rates? Historic lows. Profits? Record highs. Safety nets? Health care expanded. Jobs? Growing. Tax cuts? Targeted for middle class families.
DADT? Ended. Bin Laden? Dead.

Lest we forget, all efforts except tax cuts for the wealthy and deregulating health, safety, and air and water are job killers. That’s the one point Romney has relentlessly stuck to. Too bad it isn’t true.

~It’s tax cuts. Also, it’s their turn, according to the missus. Though If that’s the case why not run in 2016?

~I am so looking forward to those public debates between the President and Mr. Romney. I want to see them face to face; I want to see if Mr. Romney dares to tell his lies in the presence of the President. It may be true enough that most people who are planning to vote have already made up their minds, but seeing them side by side will make Mr. Romney and all his venality and mendacity appear to be a very small man indeed, even though he is a white man.


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