It’s All About

It’s about: the loss of freedom, the abridgment of liberty and tightening the shackles of oppression imposed by the twin cultural pillars of blind faith and blame.

Oppression has a new form. It uses government revenue and authority for what was once directly imposed. Instead of whips and hounds, legislative bills channel the revenue into bloated private coffers and cut the benefits that once were shared by the society. Think of private septic companies replacing public sewers–that’s what’s happening in the sanitized atmosphere of partisan politics. And while the push by the GOP members of the House is for guns on the neighborhood grocery runs, if you push for a peaceful expression of democracy in the open air along with a couple hundred like-minded others, you are going to get hit hard with rubber bullets and mace. Or tear gas. Or suffer severe head injuries you mentioned to evade in war. All in the name of law and order, as politicians taut you as “losers.”

During the civil rights movement, H. Rap Brown pointed out that authorities spoke of “law and order” but never once “justice.” Who thinks that 18 mayors have a conference call about the camps in their public squares due to a sudden epiphany, a heightened concern for justice and preserving freedom? The result of their enlightenment was to assert their authority and power.

Freedom is being used to censor freedom. The mayors bludgeoned their own civilian voters into submission and despair, and inflicted injuries through the use of force to kill the resistance that threatens the same cozy partnerships that demand the right to carry guns to the football games. The GOP screams “socialists” but are silent about the police state. When the contest is about football or democracy, the message is clear: woe be to the “losers.”

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