Political Perfidy

Frank Bruni’s NYTimes column offered blithe thinking that by example exposes the dangers of liberal nihilism; he offers a passioned blah indifference that gets nods from those who see thumb-weighed cliches as political reality.

I am begging and spoiling to differ. Obama, by any measure than snarky assumptions, does eminently qualify for our committed support, especially when little reason besides his delibrateness is offered as evidence as a disqualifying flaw.
Reason with me: recall his Nobel speech and his thoughful review of the paradox and contradiction of war as a tool for peace. Then closely follow his foreign policy and his military engagement and he has not faltered from the complex marks he set as parameters of purpose. I am anti-war, but I am glad he ordered the attack on bin Laden, as he promised in Grant Park 3 years ago. Ruthless, without trial, nevertheless he ordered the termination while ordering mission changes to provide the reduntancy of equipment and men that guaranteed its success, against the recomendations of several top advisors.
Securing the $20 billion escrow fund from BP would never happen on a Republican watch, whether the IQ. Called blackmail, it has made for the orderly payment of claims.

Despite the common claim of his being the deferrer, compromiser, and “clueless,” those who deride him overlook his policies and victories gained by small steps. He is the master of the 2 minute drill: DADT is gone as flawed national policy; you can bet any GOP candidate will bring it back. Payroll tax cuts for the middle class that he initiated are now opposed by tax cutting GOP House and Senate members; the candidates so busy casting labels don’t have time for policy.

He saved 1000s of auto industry jobs, rescued the world from a medieval socio-economic collapse, stayed major scandals, and offered a fine example of a thoroughly modern family, exercising, planting, caring, finding joy that inspires hope.

No President has ever been so attacked and “ta-ta’ed” as Barack Obama. That includes those like Bruni who have the perfidy to imply that “neither” is a proper measure of his achievements on the playing field and the level of challenges he has imflappably faced to prove his values.


3 thoughts on “Political Perfidy

  1. Some of us really understand the “game”. I seldom defend President Obama, because he needs no defense.. He is doing his job, and he knows more about what is and what’s not than those outside Washington, outside the WH just as any other President..,There are tons of inside secrets they have to contend with..that colors how they lead. When they find out that this country does a lot of illegal acts and to publicly expose them would cause a revolution they are confronted with their ideological campaign rhetoric and the reality of dealing with CIA,Counterespionage..etc..then they realize there’s more than just jobs, & good old aphorisms about how great America is or is supposed to be.


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