“I know this thought”

edited, from DreamsAmelia:

your pounding has rounded me
at the door of the beyond
like a lonely echo
drifting past chaos into the incidentals

you grant me a stage

From her blog, “Shelved in Cyberspace”

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About walterrhett

Walter Rhett is a New York Times verified commenter. He writes "Digging Deeper," a blog for Democrats for Progress and his blog, "Walter Rhett" appears in the San Francisco Examiner. The Oxford Dictionary follows him on twitter.
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One Response to “I know this thought”

  1. eveandstyle says:

    I feel the thunder in “I know this thought” and shiver at the thought of empty hearts in a chaotic world without reason yet I have hope because I feel the receptive–Thanks for sharing I “know this thought” with me. It awakened what I thought I had lost.

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