Walter Rhett’s New Work: “A Portion of Fault:” Gullah Prayer And Faith

The View from Circular Church, looking west. The Unitarian Church (left) and St. John's Lutheran Church in background.

The View from Circular Church, looking west. The Unitarian Church (left) and St. John’s Lutheran Church in background.

graphics-balloons-126913Print Release: Monday, April, 19, 2014.
Full color, FSC certified, acid free coated paper.
Set in Goudy Old Style, a legendary Arts and Crafts font. Historic design.

A Portion of Fault:” An Aesthetic
of African-American Prayer

or (two links; web, pdf)

A Portion of Fault


Ground Breaking


Advance digital preview contains:

  • A rare African-American oral folk tale from slavery, challenging stereotypes involving religion, deception, and African moral intelligence.

  • An excerpt on Spirituals from Sterling A. Brown, one of the most famous scholars of African-American literature and folklore.

  • A historical explanation of Dr. King’s mentor and theologian Howard Thurman’s powerful concept, “the waiting moment.”

  • An oral history example of the African-American rite of visionary prayer called “Seeking.”

  • A list of beatific visions and spirit calls in several Gullah Spirituals.

  • An African-American theology of prayer.

  • The use of African-American folk forms to preserve witness and lessons.

  • The difficulty Gullah poses (the language and its aesthetic) to contemporary research in history, literature, and religion.

  • A new transcription of Dr. Lorenzo Dow Turner’s audio interview in the Library of Congress archives with Ann Scott, recorded on St. Helena Island, South Carolina in 1932, in Gullah.

  • Cover art by Charleston civil war photographer, George Johnson, and American Depression photographer, Dorothea Lange.

  • The use of dialectics and traditional forms of induction as a logic of empirical interpretation.

  • All in short form, digital and print work.

  • Lorenzo Dow Turner’s 1932 Audio Interview with Ann Scott, St Helena Island, South Carolina, in Gullah  

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Walter Rhett specialises in short form writing and its design for net and print. His writing explores voices, whose ideas and stories are alive in his dialogue.


“Religion was neither forced on the slave or accepted naively. In fact, the widespread acceptance of Christ by the enslaved is the biggest conversion experience in the history of Christianity after the birth and death of Jesus.”

"Born Two Years Before The Surrender"

“Born Two Years Before The Surrender”  Dorothea Lange Photograph.

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Griot Reads, Listens, and Views

“Griot reads, listens, and views on Bundlr”


“Once you reach the bundlr, select and click: it displays as an easy-read, ad-free page!”


Links to the best of tradition, invocation, creation, and thinking, near and far. Your service of dreams, information, facts and self-help. Updated daily!

Today’s Feature: 10 Scholarships for African-American Students
With January Deadlines!

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New Updates!

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The Dialectics of Marx and Christ

Marx, who was full of passion and deeply influenced by Hegel, would read this bit of propaganda (Ross Douthat’s NYT column) posing as analysis of his return, and again declare his famous disclaimer: “Je ne suis de Mariste” (“I am not a Marxist”).

By Douthat’s version of “ideologically complicated critique of modern capitalism,” in which he asserts that “both capitalism and the welfare state tend to weaken forms of solidarity that give meaning to life for many people,” I agree that Marx could not find his views accurately applied or understood.

This is analogous to claiming the freedom promised by Christ is responsible for the increase in sin–the call to die uninsured, the demonization of the poor–none of this has to do with the forgiveness of sin or the promise of eternal redemption.

Both the logic of Marx and the logic of faith call for better. I suggest this Aristotelian dialectical view by Roy A. Graham:

“What sickness is it that inflames a man’s mind to the extent that he would praise Hitler? What is the source of the vain insanity that leads a person to the precipice of that bloody Hell where he sees his own survival only in terms of the annihilation of those he perceives as different? What is it that ails the racist, the white supremacist, the ethnic cleanser?

A wickedness that has roots deep in the muck of a corrupted sense of “being”. It is that vile reasoning that his existence is only validated in the destruction of those he perceives as the reason for his own sense of powerlessness.”

The point is the media engages in the fallacy of false equivalence, what Alfred North Whitehead called “misplaced concreteness.” In the column’s case, it ignores the two top examples of political acts, the Kansas City murders and Putin’s territorial grab to view a non-specific broad, vague issue, citing the media-chosen and appointed names as Marxist thinkers, thinkers who incidentally have the same class interests, culture, and pay checks as conservatives.

This simply becomes an in-house debate. Its differing views have the same vested interests. It is the old vaudeville shows, in which comics and clowns always had a partner and fall guy.

Case in point: where are the Southern thinkers cited? Chapel Hill and Durham are both centers of progressive thought but outside of the northeast elite.

Narrow the circle of those included (in the faked interest of broadening the discussion!), fix on names and issues, throw in a few rhetorical devices, and conclusions can be tailored to fit assumptions about issues previously selected while the hard choices are avoided and (my rhetorical device!) America remains on life support.

It’s the media trend. Soon, we all will be Douthats. He will not deny it.

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Washington National Cathedral : Beginning in darkness we hear again the stories of God’s steadfast promise to us, a promise renewed through Holy Baptism, and fulfilled in the new light of Resurrection and the proclamation of Easter. Worshipers are encouraged to bring bells to announce the Resurrection. The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the Cathedral, preacher; the Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, presider.

Washington National Cathedral : Beginning in darkness we hear again the stories of God’s steadfast promise to us, a promise renewed through Holy Baptism, and fulfilled in the new light of Resurrection and the proclamation of Easter. Worshipers are encouraged to bring bells to announce the Resurrection. The Very Rev. Gary Hall, dean of the Cathedral, preacher; the Right Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, presider..

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Federal Reserve Looks At Income Inequality

Real gross domestic product (GDP) per worker totaled almost $1,000 in Burundi in 2000; it exceeded $100,000 in Luxembourg.

How such large differences in GDP per worker can persist in an increasingly global world is one of the key questions in economics.



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Condi Rice’s Boarding

Business leaders are tone deaf about their markets. This appointment was a flashing billboard 2 feet from the shoulder with barrels and speed bumps, but still, in the eagerness for status (above service!) for celebrity over morality, for private over public interests, Houston and the board felt the compelling need to show their true colors.

Now they seem surprised. As if the war and ruin of a generation and our economy, the giant gains from fraud and non-bid contracts were the mettle of democracy. They weren’t. They were the rape of democracy, the public treasury, the civil liberties of citizens, the attacks on women in the military, and the lies told for greed.

Doing it all, Dr. Rice sat front and center. Unlike others (many Republicans, remember Elliot Richardson?), who resigned on principles, she remained best buds with her buddy, “W.”

Let Halliburton or the tens of defense contractors she enabled give her a seat; they owe her. But for a company whose services reflect the needs and values of those who saw the entire Bush administration escape accountability for war crimes, this is an appointment too far, a slap that tells us all the corporate leadership are cannibals of greed.

They dine with those who spilled our blood, robbed our pockets, and mocked us in ridicule. They swill from the same cup of greed. And Houston wants us to go “premium” as he goes “public”?

Having been behind during Dr. Rice’s tenure, this should be an easy one to front run. Do what u have to do.

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Welfare Queens in Cowboy Hats – Bloomberg View

Let’s dispense with niceties: Bundy is a freeloading scofflaw, a welfare queen in a Stetson who claimed what wasn’t his. He took subsidies from U.S. taxpayers and refused to pay the $1.2 million he owed for using federal — make that our — land.

Bundy has neither history nor law on his side in his long-runningdispute with the U.S. government. He asserts that his grazing rights were established in 1880 when his ancestors settled the land where his ranch sits. By some reasoning understood only by him and his range-war sympathizers, the federal government has no constitutional right to interfere with his grazing cattle.There is a gaping flaw with this argument. As several writers have noted, the Nevada constitution, adopted in 1864 as a condition of statehood, trumps Bundy’s right to graze on public land.


Welfare Queens in Cowboy Hats – Bloomberg View.

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